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another red fox (vulpes vulpes)

I've been on a bit of a fox sketching binge in my current journal. It all started with a chance encounter on a Lake Superior beach. I had noticed the tracks in the wet sand earlier in the week of my spring stay up north but did not catch a glimpse until the morning I ventured down to the lake for an early morning walk without my canine companion, Sundance. The auburn beauty sat on a large rock overseeing the two romping pups who were oblivious to my arrival. I had the good fortune of watching the family for a long minute before she caught wind of my presence up the beach. Her sharp/shrill alarm response startled not only the pups but me. Without hesitation the two scrambled up the rocks disappearing from my view. She then turned toward me assessing the threat for a long two seconds before following the kits. Until that moment, I had never heard the vocalization of a fox. Let's just say it's not as refined as others of the canid family. Fox belong to the Vulpini tribe whereas coyotes and wolves belong to Canini. Both are in the taxonomic family Canidae (canines).


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