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the lord of june

Dragonflies are one of my favorite harbingers of summer. Especially the common green darner (Anax junius). The latin name translates to master and lord of June which I find fitting. You might agree, if you've ever watched one hawking over a wetland. Adult dragonflies are extraordinary fliers and voracious predators, able to move in all directions, change course in a flash and hover before zipping after prey like mosquitos and other flying insects. In the aquatic larval stage, dragonfly nymphs are fierce predators and equally adept in movement. They are well adapted for ambush hunting and will eat most anything that moves including other other aquatic insect larvae, even tadpoles and small fish! Depending on the species, the larval stage can last for several years, with the exoskeleton shed multiple times before emerging into terrestrial life as adults. Happy Solstice, everyone. Enjoy the days ahead. 

#watercolorandink #wildlifeart #dragonfly

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